For the Love of Turbulence

I had to make a trip to the airport last week. My oldest daughter was returning from sunny Queensland with her aunt. I was rather jealous that I wasn’t able to join her.

You see, I love to travel. Put me on a bus or a train, take me on a road trip or a boat cruise and I am in my element. But most of all I love to fly. I think I was born to fly. I get a rush from the force of the plane taking off as it pushes you back against  your seat. There is nothing much that can surpass that bird’s-eye view you get of your world below. But, the best part of flying is the turbulence.

Yes, you heard…er…read me correctly. I love turbulence. When everyone else is gripping the arms of their seats with white knuckles, there I am, whooping and laughing, having the time of my life. I think I have embarrassed a travelling companion or two with my exuberant outbursts over the years. It was the best up in the Top End, flying during the wet season–lots of turbulence.

I know, I know. You’re probably all thinking I’m crazy right now, aren’t you? Well, you’re probably right. But don’t we all have our own oddities? The kinds of things that make people look at us and shake their heads while hiding a smile. Are you game to share yours? Don’t be ashamed, you are in the company of other delightfully crazy people.

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  1. I love to garden in the rain. Not as crazy as cheering while my plane takes a dive, but crazy enough for my people to yell at me from the doorway 🙂

    • Yes, gardening in the rain is rather eccentric of you! I’m not a fan of being out in the rain for any reason–except in Darwin where the rain isn’t cold. So, have you been out gardening a lot lately, then? 🙂

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