Inspiration at dawn

I love to go for early morning walks. There’s something stimulating about the freshness of a new day. The sun is just coming up, splashing colour across the sky. The birds are singing their morning song, and the trees reflect the golden glow of the rising sun. This is when I feel closest to God.

Perhaps it is that my mind is not yet crowded with the day’s demands. Perhaps it is the still-quiet state of the neighbourhood–apart from the distant hum of traffic and the occasional car passing nearby. But maybe, and I think most-likely, it is that Creation around me is praising the Lord along with me.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the earth spinning with joy, but the Bible also mentions the trees clapping their hands, the oceans resounding, the heavens singing and much more. Just as the earth spinning seems a natural process to us, but is actually the earth’s response to the Creator, perhaps the crashing waves, the splendour of sunrise in the skies, the rustling of wind in the trees, the song of birds–perhaps they are all creation’s way of praising their Maker.

And walking amidst this vast choir of celebration, I cannot help but join in and lift my voice and thoughts to my Heavenly Father above, and give Him all the glory.

Sing for joy, O heavens, for the LORD has done this; shout aloud, O earth beneath. Burst into song, you mountains, you forests and all your trees, for the LORD has redeemed Jacob, he displays his glory in Israel. [Isaiah 44:23 NIV]

Do you find being in the middle of nature inspires you to worship?

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  1. Early morning is a special time. I love the unspoiled face of a day when it’s just beginning. I remember giving my babies their early feed between 5 and 6 am and having a real sense of God beside us as we cuddled and the new day broke. God certainly displays His glory through creation and we are privileged to connect with Him this way. Thanks for that verse. I love the words “Burst into song…”
    Dorothy 🙂

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