I’m up, I’m up…I’m…not up!

I am a morning person. Most of the time, from the moment I awake, I am ready to engage in deep conversation, fun pranks, difficult questions and whatever else is going on.

Thankfully, my number one girl is the same. I can dive on to her bed and hear her giggle from under the doona. I can uncover her toes and tickle them and she is equally responsive. I can even rip all of her bed covers off and drag her onto the floor and she is all good about it. I think I dared to drip water on her once. She didn’t mind so much. She is a good sport like that. But, she is heading for teenage years, and I wonder how long until she boots me out of her room with a ‘leave me alone’.

Hubby-dubby and number two girl are both NOT morning people. Try and talk to my man and he either groans or becomes confused. He must have time to wake up properly before you can get intelligent conversation from him. #2 girl becomes highly offended if I try to tickle her awake or anything like that. I can only kiss her and stroke her hair and wait for her to wake up in her time.

Number one-and-only son, I think, may be a morning person, but as he is only five, I am still figuring him out. Sometimes he wakes up and immediately bounces around, talking a mile-a-minute, and other times he just doesn’t want to wake up at all.

We are all so different. But, that’s what makes family life so much fun. How about you? Are you a morning person or a night owl?

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  1. Hi! love it. Im a night owl. If I HAVE to get up early (before 7am) I can do it without the grumps. I dont have a problem if Im woken in the night (for kids or emergencies etc) – I can even be kind!
    when I get up in the morning I like to chill a bit…. if I have time to. I HATE the jovial ‘wake up’ … so dead! (in case my husband reads this… he needs to know NOT to try it…)

    • A friend of my hubby’s jumped on him one morning – a very jovial morning person – and started tickling him. It was all hubby could do, NOT to land him one on the jawbone!!! My kids jump on me all the time – then the tickle fight is ON!! Thanks for joining in Helan! XXOO

  2. I think motherhood has turned me into a morning person. I never thought it would happen… but it did!! Now, I savour the moments when it’s just God and me, a creaky house and a rising sun.

    • Ah yes, the motherhood factor. It has a way of changing us, doesn’t it? A creaky house and a rising sun…that makes me think of The Castle. “Ahh, the serenity…”

      • I hope it works that way for me…I hate getting up in the morning, but I feel guilty if I sleep in!

      • No need to feel guilty. You are who you are – work with it. πŸ™‚

  3. Both ends of the day are good for me. I like them both

    • I must admit – I quite like both ends as well. I know people who MUST be in bed by 10pm or they begin to wilt like old flowers. I can quite happily burn the candle late into the night and still wake up cheery the next morning. In fact, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep at all!!! πŸ˜›

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