Interview with Jack & Meg, Part II.

After nibbling on tea cake and cucumber sandwiches and sipping a lovely cup of tea (which I don’t normally drink, but didn’t want to seem impolite) and enjoying trivial conversation, I continued with my interview with the illustrious Jack Fordham and his wife, Meg.

Amanda:  We’ve talked about your family, but how are the extended family?

Both begin to speak at once, but Mr Fordham gives Meg the floor with a generous smile and a flourish of his arm.

Meg:             Brian and Katherine live not too far from here. They have one child – a little girl. (She looks sad momentarily) Their first did not survive, unfortunately. (She brightens again) Brian is still working in the Colonial Secretary’s Office and Katherine still makes clothes in her spare time. She actually sews garments for our children’s’ homes as well. She is very generous like that.

Jack:            I could not have asked for a better sister-in-law. Nor a better brother-in-law, I might add. He was gracious enough to put my past…in the past…and let me change into something better. He would be one of my best friends now.

Amanda:  Wow! I can imagine your appreciation. How are the Sainsburys?

Jack:            Splendid! I have so much to tell. (He shifts to the edge of his seat and leans forward in excitement.) Mary was married last year to an estimable young chap. She travelled back and forth from Parramatta to Sydney during their courtship and often stayed with us. She frequently attended church with us and has now become a believer, along with her beau.

Amanda:  That’s fantastic!

Jack:           Yes, and now Phil and Gwen have become more curious about the faith.

Amanda:  Praise God! I’m sure the change in you has impacted them as well.

Jack:           (Nodding) I believe it has.

Amanda:  What about the other children?

Meg:             PJ is in the midst of his first calf-love. All he can think about is Isabella! (she laughs) William is fast becoming a young man and is still infatuated with the explorers. He even forced his father to take him to meet one in the city. Kitty dreams of babies and a husband one day.

Amanda:  Everything sounds wonderful. Tell me, how are the orphanages going?

Meg:             Exceptionally well! It has been very rewarding.

Jack:           We have seen many of the boys, and now the girls, find their place in society. Some have found employment in the city and others have travelled out to the cattle stations and sheep runs to live and work.

Meg:            We met a lady called Missus Chisholm, a few years ago. She was helping immigrant women find work. Her work was so inspiring, we have supported her vision.

Amanda:  Missus Chisholm? Do you mean Missus Caroline Chisholm?

Jack:           Have you heard of her? She is quite well-known in the colony.

Amanda:  Yes. She’s quite famous in our time. Universities have even been named after her. Her work with the British immigrants was outstanding, particularly with the women.

Meg:             I am not surprised she is famous. I cannot imagine riding a horse out to those stations, escorting women to a domestic situation. She didn’t even have her husband by her side then.  Recently, she went back to England. Her desire is to see the families desiring to emigrate well informed of what they are travelling to. Many have come here and been quite shocked by the experience.

Amanda:  What about you? Have you thought about returning to England?

Jack:           (Glances at Meg with a smile) We are both rather attached to Australia now. At some point, we must by necessity, travel back to England. My father is yet hale and whole, so there is no urgency, although it would be pleasant to visit.

Amanda:  (Hesitantly) How are things between you and your father? Have you cleared the air?

Jack:           (Nods with understanding) I forgave him years ago when I first realised Christ as my Saviour. We have written many letters to one another since. He now understands the truth of what happened in France. He has blessed my marriage to Meg and is eager to see his grand-children. (He looks at Meg and squeezes her hand) Perhaps we should go, my love, before Father grows too old.

Meg:            (Smiling) Perhaps we should.

Jack:           (Looks back at me with a grin) If travel by car is so rapid in your time, I wonder what boats and ships are like.

Amanda:  Well, yes, boats are very fast nowadays. (I cannot help but feel mischievous as I think about my answer) But who wants to go by sea when you can fly?

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  1. Loved meeting up with Meg, the Sainsbury and of course Jack Fordham. Oh how I had championed for him to come to Christ and was exhilerated at how God met him and transformed him into the new creation and breaking him free from all that pain. thank you Jesus that indeed all things are new and the past is gone…I am so looking forward to the next meeting with them all and catching up with the cause of the initial meeting – Amanda!

    • Hey Jo! Great to see you here…and last week. I’m glad you liked the book and my little fun interview. Will catch up soon. XXOO

  2. So great to hear how the family are doing. You write so vividly, I feel a bit shocked to find myself sitting here in jeans in front of the TV!

    • Hehe. I’m glad you were so convinced – that’s what I was aiming for! 🙂

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