Bathtime Silliness

My kids love their baths. Well, two of them anyway. When daughter number two was a baby, she would kick and splash so much in the baby bath, there would be more water on the floor than in the bath by the time we finished washing her. Number one son would practically do the splits trying to get one foot in the bath, he was in such a hurry to get in.

Once they get in, it is very difficult to get them out again. Even if the water goes cold. “You must be a sultana by now!” I say in a shocked voice. They proudly show me their wrinkled fingers and toes.

Even if tea is ready–which is what happened last week. “Time to get out of the bath,” I called number two daughter, “your dinner is on the table.” Five minutes later, she was still splashing around. Ten minutes later, still in there.

I went in there and said “Listen Missy-Moo,” my little pet name for her, “if you don’t get out of this bath by the time I count three, there will be trouble.”

She just grinned at me and splashed around some more.

Then I spied something out of the corner of my eye and got a rather wicked idea. Well, perhaps mischievous is a more accurate term. The kids had left the super-soaker in the bathroom, filled with nice cold water. I picked it up, gave it some pump-action and aimed it at my little girl. “Get out of the bath, now!”

She looked at me a little apprehensively.

“Yes,” I said, “It has cold water in it. Out.”

She gave a nervous giggle, but I can tell you she got out of that bath, quick smart.

I think I might have to use that method again. Although, it may not be so productive in summer.

Do you have an example of creative parenting?

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