Children’s Logic?

Today is my number one-and-only son’s sixth birthday, so I thought I should write about him.

As some of you may know, we’ve been through a rather tough month with my father having major heart surgery. (This is a picture my boy took of Dad and me before the surgery.) He is almost ready to come home now and is looking much like his old self, thanks to a lot of prayer. But, for a while there it was a little hairy.

It was interesting noting my three children’s responses.  The oldest became quiet and sort of retreated within herself a little. The middle child went on with her life the same as always, but talked about her opa when she needed to. Number one-and-only son was obviously under duress, but only showed it by biting another child in the schoolyard. Yikes! He was much relieved to see his opa standing and walking again recently and is looking forward to him attending his party.

The funny thing was, he was very determined to see Opa’s scar. The scar that ran down the middle of his chest. When I first told my little man that Opa had been sitting in a chair one day, his response was “But Mum, remember I have to see his scar!”

“Yes, buddy, I know. But, that scar will be there forever, you have plenty of time to see it.”

“No, Mum! I have to see it while he’s still lying down!”

Amusing as it was, I still don’t understand his thought process. I wonder if I ever will… 🙂

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  1. Hahaha! God must laugh at us all the time for things like that – his thoughts are higher than our thoughts…

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