Silly Seasonitis?

Ever had one of those weeks where everything’s just a bit off? Not functioning on all six or whatever cylinders?

Well, that’s my week. Just can’t seem to focus on anything. Then I find that song from High School Musical running through my mind: “Gotta get your head in the game, gotta get your head in the game.” (And I’m not even a big fan of those movies.) Even my subconscious is trying to tell me something!

Monday night, I completely forgot about a meeting I was supposed to attend. Like, it vacated my brain around lunch time and never entered it again until someone reminded me the next day. I have no reasonable excuse. It was written in my diary and on my whiteboard. I just plain forgot.

I’m supposed to be writing blog posts, editing one manuscript and writing another, but my train of thought won’t sit still. The air-contidioner is too loud. What am I going to speak about on Sunday? I need to sweep the floor. What were the lyrics of that song? When will I do my Christmas shopping? I wonder what is happening in Mrs Such-n-such’s life. An hour of reading Facebook pages and photographs later and zeesh, look at the time! I have to pick up the kids from school.

It seems the only thing I can think about for long enough is why I can’t concentrate on my writing. Is it Silly Seasonitis kicking in? Is it hormonal? Too much chocolate/caffeine? Not enough chocolate/caffeine? Perhaps it’s just too much crowding in on me that my head can’t get a rest.

Whatever it is, I hope it passes quickly! (Any remedies welcome.) 😛

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  1. Apart from reading a good book or immersing myself in a computer game (has to be something complex enough your brain won’t be able to dither), I’ll do a bible study. Maybe choose a verse I’ve liked recently and look into the meanings of the words, do a character study, or compare it with verses that emphasise it. Studies have proven the beneficial effects of meditation, from reducing stress to alleviating MS – done with the bible and some prayer and you’re changing your inner life as well.

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