The Resolution Round-about

It’s the time of the year when people make their New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, the most common resolutions are: spending time with family, getting fit, quitting smoking and/or drinking and losing weight. I like to set goals for the year ahead, but I do not usually call them resolutions.

I kept a regular diary between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, and for a bit of a laugh I went back to read my goals…er, resolutions (as they were back then) for each year. At the end of the year I went back and ticked or crossed each one according to my success…or not. Here are some of them:

Jan 1985

  • I’m not going to be weird. (Failed. I have now embraced my uniqueness. :P)
  • I’m going to keep my room tidy. (Failed)
  • I’m going to try hard on the piano. (Passed)
  • I’m going to be sensible in class and leave the mucking around for recess. (Passed)
  • I’m not going to talk about (a certain boy) any more. (Passed – but what a crack up!)
  • I’m never going to listen to the radio again. (Passed – well for that year anyway.)

Jan 1986

  • I’m going to jump for every opportunity I get for singing. (Failed)
  • I’m going to get stuck into my piano and do scales every day. (Semi-passed)
  • I’m going to try and keep my room tidy. (Semi-passed)
  • I’m going to OVERCOME all my problems. (Semi-passed)
  • I’m going to serve God in everything. (Passed – according to my own judgement anyway.)
  • I’m going to get a job and a keyboard. (Got the job, not the keyboard.)

Jan 1987

  • I’m going to live for Jesus. (No review, but I believe I tried.)
  • I’m going to keep working toward my music ministry.
  • I want to get myself a keyboard. (Not sure if this is the year I got one, possibly.)
  • I’m going to do really well in year 11. (Passed)
  • I’m going to keep my room tidy. (Since it’s still on the list, I guess I failed again.)
  • I will start playing piano in church. (I believe I did…and didn’t stop until just this month.)

Jan 1988

  • I’m going to work really hard for my HSC. (No review again, but I did do well.)
  • I’m going to work really hard on piano. (I actually think I let it slide a bit because of my HSC.)
  • I’m going to keep my room tidy. (Probably failed – but I have trained myself now – it’s my kids who have the problem these days.)
  • I’m going to get even closer to God. (I’m sure I tried.)
  • I’m going to keep working towards my ministry in music. (I’m sure I did.)
  • I’m going to be very organised. (Not sure if this was a success or not – I am definitely organised these days.)
  • I’m going to get my Learner’s Permit! (Passed)

 Does anyone else have a record of old goals/resolutions they have made in the past? I’d love to hear you share. 🙂

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  1. At one stage I’d write letters to myself and not open them for a year. I should start doing it again. I always began with ‘hello me! How am me? Me am fine. Am you fine?’. Amongst other things I kept records of my wishlist at the time (a boyfriend, a punching bag, a quail) and anyone I had a crush on!
    I finally got my punching bag for Christmas this year from dad!

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