You Complete Me

As a woman, I’ve always found it easy to relate to the love of God. God is always referred to as He or Him and Jesus was definitely male. As a young, single, adult it was quite like a romance – discovering the beauty of Jesus and His love for us. (I suppose this is part of what inspires me to write romance.) I would picture myself sitting beneath a huge tree with Him, by a trickling stream, talking of the future, telling Him my burdens. He’d always wrap His arms around me and I would feel His strength sustatin me.

I always felt a bit sorry for blokes because they can’t look at God the same way (although some do), as it makes them feel a bit awkward. In general they aren’t looking for the lovey-dovey romantic thing with God, and secretly I thought they were missing out a bit.

The other week I realised that God is the perfect compliment for each person, where they’re at, what they need. For a bloke, it might be the tenderness, nurture and wisdom that the Lord offers which makes him feel complete. In fact wisdom is spoken of in the Bible as a female (see Prov 7:4).  And for those of us women who have been hurt in love/romance, God will come to us with another of His infinite characteristics to meet our needs. Whoever we are, whatever the need, He completes us…perfectly. AMEN.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” [Philippians 4:19 NIV]


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  1. Amanda, I’ve sometimes wondered the same thing about blokes and the way they view their relationships with Jesus. I like what you’ve suggested. Most trustworthy mentor, staunch supporter, reliable mate and father-figure, all great. When my hubby gets home, I’m going to ask him how he views it from his point of view.

    • Paula, I reckon the Lord is the perfect complement to each individual person, whatever their most important needs are. I’m sure you got some interesting answers from your hubby. 🙂

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