Penelope McCowan – Heidi’s October

From the back cover:

For Heidi Jordan, young and lovely, life is neatly mapped out and right on target. Her university grades are high, her future in the medical field all but guaranteed and her only dark secret is well kept. Until the first of October, that is, when Heidi discovers that reckless choices can have desperate consequences, and pain and anguish cannot be outrun.

For Annaliese Miller and her handsome fiancé Ben, the party on the evening of October the first was just the beginning of their brand new life together. But by midnight, Annaliese is lying on the cold flagstones in a pool of blood, her devastated husband-to-be kneeling in horror beside her.

Will Heidi return and face those she has shattered? Can healing happen when relationships and dreams have been ripped apart? Or are some things just too big to forgive?

Amanda’s review:

A lot can happen in one month. In fact, one month can change the course of your life. That is what happens to Heidi Jordan in Penelope McCowan’s debut novel, Heidi’s October. Heidi’s life is on track and heading for success, when a series of bad decisions turns her world on its head. That happens at the beginning of October and she spends the rest of the month facing and dealing with the far-reaching consequences of those mistakes. Will anything ever be normal again?

This novel deals with forgiveness on a deep level. The Christian message is very much at the forefront of the story and it is clear all of the main characters have to find a way to forgive to move forward in life. Heidi’s October demonstrates how forgiveness can work and bring healing in people’s lives.

I loved Penelope’s writing style and the book kept me turning the pages, wondering how Heidi was going to sort through everything. There was also a touch of romance in there – her love interest is a great character. Heidi’s October will appeal to young adult readers who enjoy a Christian novel with drama and romance.

About the author:

Penelope McCowen is a Christian author and speaker with a deep desire to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.  She also…

  • Lives on a sheep and cattle property in the New England region of New South Wales
  • Is eternally grateful that Jesus pursued her until He caught her
  • Adores her husband and children
  • Wonders why we need to have winter
  • Did Registered Nursing and a Bachelor of Commerce before she stopped trying to be sensible and instead followed her dream of writing fiction
  • Thinks life on the land is beyond wonderful
  • Loves dark chocolate
  • Grew up on the plains of north-western New South Wales
  • Has too many pairs of shoes
  • Is writing Novel  #2 – The Boatshed
  • Likes her standard schnauzer when it’s not eating the children’s pet duck
  • Loves tennis
  • Is deeply moved by the power of well-used words
  • Is singularly unmoved by the game of golf and has absolutely no talent for it
  • Loves bright colours
  • Lives in a home without television
  • Once learned to fly aeroplanes
  • Has, on occasion, sung in tune
  • Loves running on the beach
  • Loves the beach even more than running on it
  • Is very grateful to Amanda for this interview!

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  1. Good review. Romance and drama are the makings of my kind of favourite reading. All the best with your writing endeavours, Penelope. 🙂

    • Thanks Dorothy – I really enjoy your blog as well. And thanks Amanda for that encouraging review. 🙂

      • You are very welcome, Penelope. I will post your real life romance story next week. 🙂

  2. I am here late – but just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this novel as well. It was worth every cent, and I have recommended it to many friends.

    It also sounds as though I have quite a bit in common with you Penelope. No wonder I loved your book.

    • I’m late as well, Rose, in replying to you – so sorry, but thank you so much for the kind words. I am about halfway through Beyond Resolution and am really enjoying it. Am also looking forward to the next ‘Resolutions’.
      Warm regards, Penny

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