Photo-A-Day: Cold

Today is a cold day. Well, for those people who live in places where the temperature reaches sub-zero levels, this day might be considered balmy. But, to us Melburnians, it’s cold. The mercury is currently sitting at around 14°C (57°F). We have our heaters on if we are indoors, and if outside, it is woolen jacket weather.

I am a summer girl. I love the heat waves and sunshine. I lived in the tropics for five years and loved that climate. Even so, I did miss the cooler months – just a little. I missed being able to wear long sleeves and long pants without perspiring heavily in them. I missed cool nights where sleep comes much easier. But most of all I missed being able to snuggle beneath a warm blanket with a hot chocolate and a cozy love story. That, my friends, it the ultimate winter escape. Especially if there is a crackling log fire nearby.

So, I will not complain about my numb toes, my frozen and stiff fingers (which make it hard to type), or the chill draft which sneaks in – particularly when certain children leave the door open. I will instead, enjoy burying myself in a romance novel, hibernate if you will, and wait for the warmth of spring to thaw my cold bones again.

Are you a summer or a winter person? What is your favourite thing to do in cold weather?

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  1. I was at the airport just after 8am and it was closer to 5 degrees! Pity the poor lady returning to Melbourne from somewhere tropical, dressed in a strapless dress and flip flops. She made waiting in the rain for a taxi look painful, even for those of us in coats and boots!

    • The poor lady returning from the tropics should have thought ahead, methinks. I know I always packed a jacket in my hand luggage when travelling from Darwin to Melbourne.

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