Photo-A-Day: Circle

I have missed the last two days of my Photo-A-Day blogging. I have kind of felt like my life is not my own, and so just couldn’t get near the computer for long enough to write anything.

Today, however, was nice and relaxing. We began the day with our regular church service, spending time worshipping the Lord. Then we invited my brother back to our home for lunch.

Thus we spent the afternoon circled around the round camp fire in the back yard, deep in conversation and fellowship with each other, while sipping hot teas and coffees and dipping our Tim Tams. As time passed, my sister joined us and eventually my sister-in-law as well. Almost all of my family circle — apart from my parents who are on holidays.

I love these times of sitting back with my close relatives, catching up on our lives and laughing together over memories. We often begin to discuss theological questions as well, providing stimulating debate and conversation.

Finally the circle was broken as one by one they drifted home again, leaving me to ponder what I would cook for dinner, and how I would organise my children for school tomorrow. I guess it will be fish and chips tonight … around our square table. 😉

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  1. A circle of family around a fire, sounds like the perfect way to unwind and refresh. Glad you had the chance to slow down and smell the …smoke. XX

  2. Hey, I left a comment here using my phone earlier today, but I guess it didn’t make it… anyway… Family circles around a fire are probably one of my most favourite things. So glad you got to relax and recharge. xx

    • Yes, got both messages. The other one went to moderation for some reason, but I did have a chuckle when I read it. I love the smell of smoke!

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