“Let all the earth fear the LORD;  let all the people of the world revere him.” [Psalm 33:8 NIV]

What does it mean to be reverent? Does reverence still have a place in modern faith? Sometimes it seems to be forgotten amidst a society which is, on the whole, rather irreverent. Un-churched people freely mock the Lord as it is easy to see on TV and hear on the radio.

But, there was a time, when no-one dared take the things of God lightly. For example, the Ark of the Covenant. This ornately decorated wooden box represented the presence of God to the people of Israel. It went with them throughout their journeys in the desert and was secluded behind a veil in the holiest place of the tabernacle. One did not venture near it unless they were a priest with permission to do so.

At one stage, the Philistines, one of Israel’s most persistent enemies, captured the Ark and took it back to their country. The result of this was death (some men looked inside the Ark), sickness and plague (because it shouldn’t have been there), and their idols falling down in its presence (because who can stand in the presence of God?). You can read the story in 1 Samuel 5 & 6.

Even when the Israelites treated the Ark a little carelessly, they were inflicted. One man died because he dared to touch the Ark, even though he was trying to prevent it from falling.

These days it seems, because we have the generous and long-enduring grace of God on our lives, we tend to let these things slip. It is easy to become lackadaisical about the presence of God. But, He’s still the same God — just as powerful and awesome as He ever was. He deserves our utter reverence and holy fear.

I think I would be shaking in my boots if I ever came face to face with Him. How do you think you would respond?

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  1. I agree. I think that we have become complacent regarding reverence to God. It’s easy to take it for granted because we have been given direct access to God’s throne through the cross. We can forget what a huge thing that actually is.

    • Exactly right, Adam! It is a huge thing. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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