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7th December, 1899

419px-AndersonDawsonAnderson Dawson was the 14th Premiere of Queensland, although his reign was short-lived, only remaining in the seat for one week. His real name was Andrew, which interests me as I have a cousin called Andrew Dawson, and great memories of visits to the farm as a child come with this cousin.

But I digress. Anderson Dawson gained his position when the previous government — led by James Dickson — resigned at the end of November. Anderson formed a ministry and took the helm on the 1st December. He may have been the 14th Premiere of Queensland, but he was the first ever Labour Government to be in office not only in Australia, but the whole world. His office therefore gained international attention.

However, Anderson was not supported when the house next sat, and he was replaced by Robert Philip’s Ministerial government, thus ending his short term after seven days. He did continue on in politics for a number of years, but eventually retired because of ill-health and sadly died in 1910 at the age of forty-seven.

Do you follow politics? Does it interest you? Or would you, like me, rather watch paint dry?

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