Clifford Beard – Living Miracles

From the Back Cover:

13746489Walk with Clifford Beard as he walks the life of faith across the globe and through the decades. Jam packed with inspirational stories of the miracles of God, this book is sure to confound non-Christians and inspire Christians everywhere. As well you’ll find some deep teachings about how to walk out a life of miracles yourself.

Amanda’s Review:

Living Miracles is full of ‘wow’ moments as you read testimony after testimony of what the Lord has done in and through Clifford Beard. His stories are told in a conversational manner and are inspiring to say the least. Co-authored with Gwenneth Leane, Living Miracles was a book that I, at times, had difficulty putting down. Even my eight-year-old son wanted to hear me read it to him.

The take away from this book is that God can use us, just ordinary people, to do extra-ordinary things if we simply walk in faith and obedience to His call.

Sometimes I became unsure of the chronological order of Cliff’s life story, and there were a few grammar issues, but all in all it was a very inspiring read.

About the Author:

cliffDevastated by his mother’s suicide and feeling abandoned when his father deserted him, God propelled Cliff to become a powerful preacher of His word, resulting in countless souls been won for Christ.
Through his life, Clifford has been driven by the call of God. Cliff is widely recognized as a powerful preacher – a man of faith and action. He approaches each venture with dogged resolve and utmost assurance that God will always fulfill His word. Doubt is not a part of Cliff’s vocabulary. His passion is to see people released from their bondages and fears so that they can realize their full potential in Christ. ‘Putting feet on your faith’ is an expression that he uses often: He encourages people everywhere to take a step of faith and discover what God can do through them.

To find out more about this amazing man, go to

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