Jenny Mahoney – Jac of Hearts

From the Back Cover:

jacofheartsesJac is a feisty 17 year old who refuses to conform.

But as her final year of high school approaches she wakes from a coma and everything has changed.
• Can she accept her father is dead or will she try and find out what really happened?
• Will she date the popular guy or leave things as ‘just friends’?
• Can she remain true to herself and to her faith?

When the mystery intensifies so does the romance and Jac is left feeling more confused and abandoned than ever. How will God help? What is true love? How do you persevere when things don’t go the way you hoped? It’s going to be the most challenging year of her life.

Amanda’s Review:

I really enjoyed this novel and I love the cover. The mystery over the death of Jac’s father kept me turning the pages, as did the romance.I enjoyed the characterisation of the feisty Jac, the playful Tom and the brooding Nat. And there were a few surprises in store along the way.

I thought it was very relevant to teenage readers in the things they face in life, particularly in the area of relationships and the physical temptations that go with it. I will certainly be recommending it to my girls when they hit their later teens.

About the Author:

Mahoney,JennyJenny Mahoney was inspired to write her first novel while teaching at a girls’ school in Sydney. She wanted to write a contemporary Christian romance that modern girls could relate to and enjoy.

Jenny lives in the Blue Mountains, is married to Richard and has three children. She has a heart for overseas mission and supports educational projects in Africa and Asia.

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