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Friday, 11th May 1849

Today I have been reading The Argus newspaper from Melbourne, for this date back in 1849. For those who live in Melbourne, you might this snippet interesting …

Town Allotments.— A considerable number of new allotments have been surveyed and marked out for sale, between the Flag Staff and the Swamp, abutting upon La Trobe and Spencer  streets, and a new street called after Judge Jeffcott. They will not, however, be put up to sale except upon special application, and under any circumstances we should recommend their being withheld, till the removal of the boiling-down establishments has rendered the neighbourhood a little less obtrusive upon the olfactories. We have before noticed the abandonment of the lane system, which has been productive of so much mischief. The streets are all marked out of equal width, but we doubt whether a narrowing of the blocks would not prove a still further advantage, in depressing the tendency to the creation of rookeries, narrow rights of way, and other nuisances. In future, town allotments are only to consist of a quarter acre each, the frontage remaining the same, but going only half-way through to the next street. This, too, appears a  judicious step, and we fancy that the Government will find their account in it, in the shape of an increased proportionate price for the allotments.

Thirteen years after the establishment of the new colony, and this is where they were developing.

jeffcott st

The West Melbourne Swamp mentioned was to the left of this piece of map, and from the little research I have done, the boiling-down works would have been nearby in Footscray. So, at the time of releasing these allotments, I doubt they would have been very attractive to the nose. And I’m not sure what they mean about doing away with the lane system — aren’t there lanes everywhere in Melbourne???

Would you have tried to buy one of these stinky quarter acre lots?

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