Phillip Cook – Insight

Rather than offer Phillip Cook the usual kind of interview, I asked him to share either how he met his partner, his testimony of faith, or something interesting from his family heritage. Phillip has chosen to tell us about both his testimony and his wife.

Worlds Collide

PCHeadShotI became a Christian late in life after being tossed to and fro by the waves and the winds of life. It was the late eighties (not my age of enlightenment but the timing) and I was living in Sydney. After being born again, I got rather confused by the Christianity message I was receiving from the so-called Christians around me so I decide to attend the Capernwray Bible College in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Most students at the college were from overseas. It was at Capernwray where I started to build a solid foundation (through God’s word) for my life. It was also at Capernwray where I set my eyes on a pretty young lady. I thought I was blessed when I found out she was from Victoria. Aah, you beauty, another Aussie, but she did talk funny. It turns out there is a place called Victoria in British Colombia, Canada. That’s only 12,000 kilometres away and that’s where this lovely lady lived.

I can get away with a few things here like telling you that this girl had come to Australia looking for a bronzed Aussie and fell madly in love etc etc. But she came to get closer to the Lord and to visit her auntie in Queensland. But it just so happens now that this lovely lady is living in Queensland and we have been together close to 25 years.

I love how God seems to orchestrate these things in our lives, don’t you? Thanks for sharing your story with us, Phillip. Last week I reviewed Phillip’s debut novel, Dead Man’s Journey, which can be read here. What are you working on now, Phillip?

I’m working on a sequel at the moment.  It’s early days yet but the Professor has reappeared and has called on Lucas to help him with a problem he has. It involves the Professor’s granddaughter and revolves around the use of drugs to control depression etc.  The drugs are also used by the ‘enemy’ to stifle the desire to know God.

Sounds like it will be another intriguing read! I will look forward to it. In the meantime, where can we find you on the internet?

I can be found on I’m currently working on a series of devotions and this site will be where it all happens.

Thanks for joining me on my blog today, Phillip and all the best with your writing endeavours.

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