Wish Me Gone – DJ Blackmore

From the Back Cover

When hatred opens the homestead gates, will you fear the fall, or find courage to fly?

A heritage listed home in the Riverina is up for grabs and Isabella’s Mum falls hopelessly in love. Isabella feels the pinch of new shoes in another school and feels she is the only one in town who’s being stepped upon. Yet it seems the new immigrant family who come to pick oranges at the orchard become a target for intolerance too. But when her brother Abel takes leave form the Army barracks to disappear without a trace, the family’s tree-change plummets them into their worst fear. As the hours march irrevocably on, hope is the only weapon they possess, as each of them learn that a hero is made, not born.

My Review

Prejudice is a disease that can find its way into any home, into any heart. In Wish Me Gone, DJ Blackmore shows this through they eyes of several characters. This story, set against an Australian backdrop, also shows how far the repercussions of hate can spread. Generations, origins, religion – can all play a part in forming our perceptions of others, but it is only through the grace of Christ that true acceptance is found.

Wish Me Gone is a story that will keep you wondering how all the characters’ lives and interactions will play out when so much tension is afoot. It brings to life a very Australian way of life, including some of the societal difficulties we currently face. Keep an eye out for a fun character called Megan.

About the Author

D. J. Blackmore is a best-selling Australian author. An advocate for simple living, she is a beekeeper and enjoys creating bespoke yarns at the spinning wheel. She has reared Border collies, milked cows and made cheese. She continues to live her research in a cottage industry lifestyle, but for as long as she can recall, she has been wrapped in the arms of stories. For more information, click here.

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