Narelle Atkins – Falling for the Farmer

3 – 7 March 2014

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Falling for the Farmer

Heartsong Presents



Narelle Atkins

About the Book


And she’s incredibly grateful when Jack Bradley offers her a job on his apple farm. Working side by side in the orchards with her best friend’s brother seems like the perfect way to get over her disastrous engagement. Until Kate finds herself falling hard for the handsome farmer.

Jack Bradley knows city-girl Kate isn’t here to stay. Yet suddenly he’s imagining a life with her in the country. When Kate considers going back to the city, can Jack find a way to show her that her real home is here on the farm, by his side?

About the Author

NARELLE ATKINS writes contemporary inspirational romance and lives in Canberra, Australia. She sold her debut novel, set in Australia, to Harlequin’s Love Inspired Heartsong Presents line in a six-book contract. She is also a member of International Christian Fiction Writers group blog.

Narelle is a co-founder with Jenny Blake of the Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance (ACRBA).

Her debut book, Falling for the Farmer, will be a February 2014 release, followed by The Nurse’s Perfect Match in May 2014 andThe Doctor’s Return in August 2014.

Twitter: @NarelleAtkins

Amanda’s Review

It is great to see an Australian author hit the shelves through the Heartson Presents range of romances, and I congratulate Narelle for that.

Falling for the Farmer is a light and easy read with a simple and satisfying plot. I enjoyed Narelle’s writing style and the way she wove Christian concepts through the storyline without sounding preachy.

If you enjoy a shorter read with a straightforward romance plot, then you will enjoy Falling for the Farmer.

Thanks to the author and publisher for a free review copy.

Laura O’Connell – Web of Lies

1 – 5 April

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( Even Before Publishers 1 December 2012)

Laura O’Connell

About the Author
Laura enjoys writing stories about second chances in love and life. She calls the Gold Coast home, however, her curious nature leads her on adventures to locations that surprise and delight her. Laura has a passion for telling a good story set in places where she has lived and travelled. Laura is the author of African Hearts and Web of Lies. Her debut novel, African Hearts, was shortlisted in the 2011 Caleb Prize. To find out more about Laura visit her website:

About the Book:
High school sweethearts, Stephanie and Lachlan are torn apart by circumstance, bad decisions and a web of lies,leaving an unknown future for their son, Ryan.


Eight years later they reconnect,but the time apart has changed them. The family had made decisions based on lies and deceit and now must find a way to either reveal the truth or find another option. On the surface their arrangements seemed flawless, but dig deeper, and the people they thought they knew, aren’t as they appear.
Lachlan and Stephanie are forced to confront the consequences of their actions and the entire family is compelled to reveal the truth, find forgiveness, and renew loving one another. But the hardest decision is still to come…where does Ryan live?

Alison Stanley – Insight

Rather than ask Alison for a standard interview, I asked her if she would share part of her life with us, either how she met her partner, how she came to know the Lord, or something interesting from her family heritage. Alison has chosen to tell us how she met her husband.

Best of Friends

AlisonStanleyI first met my husband Josh on a youth group camp when we were both 13 years old. I don’t remember much about that because, unfortunately, I had a crush on his friend at the time. Fast forward five years and we met again at the Campus Bible Ministries group at University.

We were acquaintances for a couple of years, attending a few camps and missions together, then one day I was chatting to a friend online and she let it slip that Josh liked me. I was so surprised—he was the kind of guy I used to watch from a distance, but never thought I’d have a chance with. He was a strong Christian, sporty, funny and handsome—I wondered if there would be any sparks between us.

I found his email address and made first contact. We emailed back and forth for a month, sharing what was happening in our lives. It was the highlight of my morning, opening my emails and finding one sitting there from him. After emailing each other for a month, we went on our first date to the movies on his birthday (lucky it went well!). He was so easy to talk to, and we’ve been best friends ever since.

That was a very sweet story, Alison. Last week I reviewed Trust Me Twice, which can be read here. Tell us Alison, what are you working on now?

I am working on the next novel in the Oakley series. Here is what I can tell you about it so far…

Is it possible to find true love twice? When, at the age of 30, Karen Wilson loses the love of her life to a tragic car accident, she can’t imagine ever falling in love again. Two years later, with God’s help, Karen is finally ready to move on her life, but when a guy four years younger than her starts showing interest, will she accept his advances? Meanwhile, Karen’s grief and loss website is gathering many fans, including an intriguing single man, who Karen immediately connects with. As events take a sinister turn, she must work out which man to trust before it’s too late.

Wow, Alison, that sounds very intriguing. I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for joining me on my blog!

Alison Stanley – Trust Me Twice

From the Back Cover

TrustMeTwice12From the day they were both born, Alana and Zac were best friends – that is, until an incident on a school camp causes Alana to push Zac away and to doubt God.

Ten years later, Alana returns to her home town of Oakley and runs into Zac again. He is now a famous TV star and super-cute, but can she forgive him for hurting her all those years ago?

While stranded alone with him in the middle of a natural disaster, she must decide whether to open her heart and trust Zac, and God, again.

A heartwarming story of God’s faithfulness.

Amanda’s Review:

Trust Me Twice is a relatively short read, which I did in a few hours one night, and it kept me awake until I finished it. Parts of the story take place in Alana’s teen years and it really took me back to my own adolescence, awaking those feelings I experienced back then.

I enjoyed Alison’s writing, especially one piece of dialogue between Alana and Zac where they were on opposite sides of a door, and passed notes underneath. Loved that.

All in all, Trust Me Twice was an engrossing, heart-warming read, and I recommend it to all to love a good romance with a satisfying ending. Thanks Alison, for sending me a review copy.

About the Author:

AlisonStanleyAlison is a working mum, living with her husband and two young daughters in the West of Sydney. In her spare time, she writes and self-publishes inspirational romance books for adults and teens.

She also enjoys reading and chilling out in front of the TV, watching other people renovate their houses. Sometimes she even attempts this herself. To contact Alison, or to find out about her writing, visit her website: