Photo-A-Day: Colour

“What’s your favourite colour?” I was asked this question soon after arriving at work this morning. A friend of mine, affectionately known as Uncle Foff, just returned from a missions trip to Cambodia — and he came bearing gifts. He held up a selection of these cute coin purses and offered me a choice.

It was an easy decision. I’ve always loved red — most of all deep wine red, or burgundy. It reminds me of royalty and richness. Pictures of plush velvet drapes flash through my mind, along with deep red roses, glamorous satin dresses, plump cherries, the red carpet that is saved for VIPs, and sparkling rubies.

But this deep red also reminds me of the blood that was shed for my sins upon a cross. Jesus. And with Easter only days away, it is appropriate once again to reflect on the life sacrifice He made in love for me. Yes, that red represents the colour of love to me.

So, today I am grateful for gifts in red, both small and great. What is your favourite colour, and what does it represent to you?

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Nothing But the Blood

without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” [Hebrews 9:22 NIV]

Recently I have been reading a lot about the Levitical Law. So many sacrifices for so many different kinds of atonement, but none without the shedding of blood, whether it be a goat, lamb, bull, pigeon or dove. I try to imagine what it would have been like for the priests, slaughtering animals all day long – the smell of blood and offal, the aromas of burning meat and smoke – and the sheer hard work. It is not only gruesome to me, but makes me feel exhausted thinking about it. The Law was a heavy burden for the people to carry, but without the fulfilment of it, they were separated from God’s blessing.

Until Jesus.

In one selfless act, the sinless man gave his life for all mankind for all time, and fulfilled the law of sacrifice for our atonement. He was the lamb. His blood was shed. With His death it was done. Forever. And all we have to do is accept it with grateful hearts and bow the knee to Him.

And so, I woke up this morning with an age-old hymn in my head. How true it is.

Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

With the acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice comes everything we ever need. Healing, freedom, peace, righteousness, hope, joy, eternity with Him. Such is the power of the blood He shed. Oh, how that makes me want to sing and worship. How about you?

“To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.” [Revelation 1:5-6 NIV]

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