Photo-A-Day: Where You Ate Breakfast

Every morning I eat my breakfast in front of my computer. Very occasionally I eat somewhere else, but most days this is my time for catching up on things.

While I spoon mouthfuls of cereal into my mouth, I read all my emails for the past twelve hours or so and try to reply to some of them – the important ones anyway. While I crunch on a sweet, juicy apple, I read my favourite blogs. Some of these have information on new book releases (oh goody!), some have writer relevant knowledge to impart, and some have a spiritual input – a devotional of sorts.

Then, as I sip my nice hot coffee (not! – it’s been sitting there too long by now), I check out what everyone is up to on Facebook, perhaps leaving a comment here and a like there. Maybe I’ll even update my status – currently it bemoans the fact that my laptop hard drive has refused to function any longer.

Half an hour later, loaded with fresh information and having enjoyed a little on-line social activity, it is time to bundle my kiddies in the car for the school rounds. Ok, so as you can probably tell from this post, I am a creature of routine. This is how my day progresses most days and I am content with it.

How do you do breakfast? On the run? Out? Slow and methodical over a good book?

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