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Rather than offer Debbie Roome a standard interview, I asked her to share part of her life with us – either a story about how she met her partner, a story about how she became a Christian, or a story of heritage from her family’s past. Debbie offered to share the story about how she and her husband got together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What’s in a Name?

“So which name should we pick?”Mom asked.

“I don’t know. You choose.” I replied.

Our church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was hosting a team of workers travelling through Africa with Reinhard Bonnke and Christ for all Nations. Mom had volunteered to take in one person who would be with us for a week. I was 19 at the time and still living at home.

“Okay, let’s go for Kevin Roome,” she said.

“Sounds fine to me.” I had no idea that less than two years later I would be married to this man.

Kevin duly arrived and we discovered that he was 22 and worked full-time for Christ for all Nations, maintaining and driving their trucks. With me being on the quiet side, we had a couple of superficial conversations and that was it … as far as I was concerned anyway. Kevin was of the same opinion but it appeared God had other plans.

Kevin later told me that after leaving Bulawayo, the crusade team travelled up to Harare. He was on stage security for one of the first outreaches up there and while he was on the platform, God impressed something on him very clearly. He told him that I was going to be his wife and that he was going to attend Bible school the following year. His initial reaction was “What! I don’t even know her!”

To cut a long story short, he decided if that was what God wanted, He would make it happen. It appeared his impression was a heavenly one and we married on the 1st February 1986. Since then we have lived in three countries and produced five wonderful children. We love each other more now than ever before.

Wow, what a wonderful story. Thanks Debbie, for sharing it with us. I reviewed Debbie’s novel Embracing Change last week. You can read it here, along with more information about Debbie Roome. What can we look forward to next from you Debbie?

I am currently working on a novel entitled Contagious Hope.

Contagious Hope is a romantic adventure set in three diverse areas of South Africa. New Zealander, Savannah, meets Blake and Pumzile at Mercy House where she is volunteering as part of a six week mission trip. She has to dig deep when confronted with AIDS, prostitution, crime and a midnight escape to a safe house. God continues to work but after dramatic events unfold in a Zulu village, one final adventure could cost her everything.

Sounds intriguing! I’m looking forward to reading it. (I noticed you released the cover for this recently, so I popped it on here too.) Thanks for sharing your time and stories with us, Debbie.
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Debbie Roome – Embracing Change

From the Back Cover:

Embracing Change is an inspirational story of personal challenge. When Sarah Johnson’s fiancé is killed by a hijacker in South Africa, Sarah carries out his wish to continue with their plan and moves to New Zealand, taking his ashes to scatter there. In her grief she hasn’t counted on her gradual healing coming from two unexpected sources: Jesus Christ, and His new plan for her: Joel Baxter.

But will Joel’s old flame, Mandy, succeed in destroying Sarah’s fragile progress in both her spiritual and earthly paths? And will she ever break free of the oppressive power still held over her by the hijacker who murdered her fiancé and attacked her, too? It takes a journey halfway back across the world for Sarah to face her demons, and finally forgive.

Amanda’s Review:

I found this novel intriguing, primarily because I’ve recently made some new South African friends and they way they describe South Africa is exactly how Debbie Roome portrays it. Of course, the journey of Sarah, not only to a new country, but to a new man and a whole new life was captivating as well. This novel gave me some insight into what it’s like to shift not only from one country to another, but to another culture as well.

I especially loved the way Sarah confronted her past in the end, but you’ll have to read it to find out for yourself. It brought many a tear to my eye. And Joel, was a wonderful example of Christianity, as well as being the kind of guy every woman dreams about. If you love a good romance, read Embracing Change.

About the Author:

Debbie Roome was born and raised in Zimbabwe and later spent fifteen years in South Africa. In 2006 she moved to New Zealand with her husband and five children. Writing has been her passion since the age of six and she loves to write stories that touch people’s lives and turn them towards God.

Over the years she has won many awards and trophies for her work, including placing first in the Rose & Crown Novel Writing Competition in 2009. Debbie’s writing has opened doors for public speaking and she is often asked to share her life story and her experiences as a writer.