Photo-A-Day: Something You Drew

I’ve never considered myself to be an artist, but I do have the occasional urge to draw or paint. When I think about it, I realise I come from a great heritage of creative people. Godly people too.

I remember my grandmother used to paint. This is a painting of hers I have kept. It was unfinished, but it reminds me that we are all unfinished works of art in the Lord’s hands — until, of course, we meet Him in eternity.

So, with her blood flowing through my veins  and my mother’s blood after her, who loves to write poetry and stories,  and often played piano when I was a child, I have inherited a good chunk of creativity. And, it seems, my children after me have inherited their own artistic slant. One of them enjoys drama and writing, another loves all kinds of drawing and painting, and the third seems to have a penchant for making up songs and dancing.

My own oil pastel creation.

Added to the creative side of our heritage, my ancestors number among them missionaries and ministers, and so I suspect comes my influence to serve the Lord in whatever I do. I pray that same influence overflows next to my children. I want to be amazed at what they accomplish in God. My heart swells when I think about this heritage piling up in the generations behind me, perhaps it all makes an impact on the future ahead…

How has your heritage impacted you?

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