My Top 5 Reads for 2012

Since I don’t actually get to read a huge quantity of books every year, I will limit my favourites to five. Funnily enough that is the exact number of books that stood out for me above the rest last year for one reason or another — either extremely inspiring, toe-curling entertainment, or deeply challenging. So, without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

front cover (2)

 Jo Wanmer’s book, Though the Bud be Bruised, rocked my world — to put it bluntly. You can read my review here.

TheMerchant'sDaughtercoverI loved, loved, loved The Merchant’s Daughter — especially since Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairy tales. You can read my review here.

Stories of Australia's Christian Heritage by Elizabeth Kotlowski

It was so inspiring to read about the godly characters who explored and pioneered this Great South Land in Stories of Australia’s Christian Heritage. Read the review here.

11834189Redeeming the Rogue was another novel that hit all the right buttons for me. For my full review, see here.

childofthemistAnd of course, I can’t go past a great medieval romance. Child of the Mist turned me into a fan of Kathleen Morgan. Here is my review.

Are any of these on your favourites list? If not, what was your top read for 2012?

Stories of Australia’s Christian Heritage by Elizabeth Kotlowski

From the Back Cover:
From the proclamation of Australia as the Southland of the Holy Spirit in 1606 to Alfred Deakin, the co-author of Australia’s Constitution, God’s hand has decisively shaped the destiny of our country.
Many people think that Australia has always been a secular, godless place. But at every turn in our history men and women of faith have laid a godly foundation and built a rich Christian heritage.
This collection of short, easy-to-read stories reveals our well-known pioneers, explorers and statesmen who have been God’s instruments for establishing a nation based on Christian principles.
Amanda’s Review:
Although this book was published in 2006, it is still relevant. I was given it as a gift and it is one I will treasure and refer back to for years to come. Many of us Australian’s have no idea how godly some of our heritage is. We don’t get taught this stuff in school.
Each and every pioneer or explorer mentioned in this book will inspire you.
I could not put this book down as I hungrily devoured all of our amazing heritage, and I could have kept reading if there were more stories included. I look forward to reading more of Dr Kotlowski’s work in the future – especially from the point of view of a historical romance writer myself.

I recently spoke to Elizabeth and this book will have a new edition released this year.
About the Author:
Dr. Elizabeth Rogers Kotlowski is a freelance prophetic writer, poet, and author of five books, including Southland of the Holy Spirit: A Christian History of Australia (1994); Stories of Australia’s Christian Heritage (2006), and Let the Children (2007).
An Australian, Elizabeth grew up in the high country of East Gippsland, Victoria. After graduating from Melbourne State (Teachers’) College and Cumberland College of Health Sciences (NSW), she went to Britain to continue post-graduate studies in child psychiatric occupational therapy under Dr. Blanchard Rogers of Crichton Royal Hospital, Dumfries, Scotland. While there, Dr. Kotlowski met and married Polish Canadian medical doctor, neuropsychiatrist, and war hero, Dr. Kazimierz Kotlowski, a widower with two boys.
In 1962, Elizabeth emigrated with her husband to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, where their other four boys were born. After her husband’s death in 1973, Dr. Kotlowski and her four youngest sons moved to the United States, where she lived till her return to Australia in 1999. Dr. Kotlowski holds three Masters’ Degrees-in Public Affairs Journalism, Public Policy, and Missiology (missions), as well as a Doctor of Ministry Degree, from Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dr. Kotlowski has worked with children all her life, as mother, teacher, occupational therapist, and children’s pastor.
For more information, see: