The Quirky Gene

Ok, so if you haven’t figured it out by now, I can be rather quirky sometimes. I have a very deep admiration and love of the ridiculous. Problem is–if indeed it is a problem at all–I seem to have passed it on to my eldest child.

She has begun to show definite signs of silliness, and I mean that in the nicest, most affectionate way.

For instance…this…

When I saw that, I could not stop laughing for a very long time, and needless to say, my dinner was cold by the time I could eat it.

The other day she told me she was going to sneeze. Thirty seconds later she told me she wasn’t going to sneeze. When I scolded her for being indecisive, she gurgled with laughter. She has the same ridiculous sense of humour as me!

Alas, she has a talent which I cannot match. (Insert despondent sigh here.) She has the admirable and very enviable ability to raise one eyebrow, which gives her face a very comical look when she mixes it with the right facial expression. How I wish I could do the same. She has surpassed me in this.

And yet, I am very proud of my girl. She is aspiring to be a writer just like her mum. How could I ask for more than that? Well, my other two children are close behind, and beginning to develop symptoms of quirkiness of their own. There is no hope. It is in their genes. 😛

In what way have you found you are reproducing yourself? Even if it is as simple as genetic idiosyncrasy.

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