Photo-A-Day: Flower

Just as I mentioned about sunsets displaying God’s glory yesterday, I think flowers do also. In fact, so much of creation sings His praise, it’s hard to miss it. I only had to go out into my garden to find some very pretty samples of the beauty of flowers.

Of course, being a patriotic Australian, I do love our Aussie natives. This Purple Cloud Callistemon or “bottle brush” was specially picked by one of our daughters who loves everything pink and feminine. The flowers do have a magical colour and this plant has flourished in our back yard.

Then, my hubby pointed out his chillies. The flower of that plant is quite striking if you look closely, he told me. And yes, it is rather pretty and purple (and only the size of your thumb nail), even if it produces tongue-burning fruit which I cannot see reason to eat. Well, each to his own I guess.

These blooms are only part of the beauty that surrounds our home. If only it were July or August, then I would have taken photos of acacia flowers, “wattle,” in their canary-yellow, downy splendour. Can you tell they’re my favourite? When a flower blooms it is like God blowing a kiss from heaven, He is rather romantic like that. 🙂

Do you have a favourite flower? What makes it special to you?

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