Kathleen Morgan – Child of the Mist

From the Back Cover:

In the harsh Scottish highlands of 1564, superstitions threaten a truce . . . a traitor plans his attack . . and a new love is born.

An arranged betrothal was never the course Anne MacGregor imagined her life would take. Yet when her father explains that her cooperation is the only hope for peace, Anne sees no other choice. Even one year of commitment to Niall Campbell, after all, would win a long-sought truce between the feuding families.

But as Anne soon discovers, peace is not so easily achieved. Before she even arrives at her new home, rumors about her abound and her safety is threatened. Meanwhile, Niall’s ascension as leader of his clan is in jeopardy, as a traitor works to bring about his downfall.

As Niall and Anne begin to see beyond each other’s defenses, love takes them by surprise. But will it be enough to defeat their foes? Or will the truce be broken, their lives forfeit, and war return to their beloved land?

Amanda’s Review:

How I love a medieval romance! And this one drew me right into the time period and kept me turning the pages. Kathleen Morgan showed the Scottish imagery so well, I could hear their accents strongly in my head while I read and for a long time after.

Child of the Mist revealed the strong superstition of that time when a woman who didn’t quite follow the norms could be classified as a witch with little evidence on which to base the accusation on.  And of course, the man falling in love with her had a terrible time convincing people of her innocence, not matter that he was the clan chieftain.

There was plenty of intrigue and romance to keep me riveted throughout this novel. I feel like I have found a treasure in Kathleen Morgan and I can’t wait to read more of her work. Child of the Mist is a great read and highly recommended.

About the Author:

Kathleen was born in sunny Long Beach, California, one of four daughters of a career Army officer.

As a former Army nurse with a master’s degree in counseling, she has lived in Germany, Korea, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Washington, D.C., Alabama, California, and Colorado.

She is married to a retired Army helicopter pilot and is the mother of two sons-one deceased- and stepmother to another son and a daughter, both of whom have been very busy making her a grandmother.

In her free time, Kathleen likes to quilt, play the Celtic harp, and be companion and caretaker to an aging English cocker spaniel. She is also a companion and the wifely caretaker to her husband, who is not quite so aged.

For more information about Kathleen Morgan and her books, go to: www.kathleenmorgan.com

Tamera Alexander – Rekindled

**The winner of my new release, Black Forest Redemption, from the giveaway last week is Tima Murrell. Congratulations Tima! I’ll be in contact shortly. :)**

From the Back Cover:

Ten years ago Kathryn Jennings made a vow. For better or worse. And that promise still holds true, even though her marriage has not turned out as she expected. When her husband fails to return home one stormy winter night, she struggles to keep their ranch, but her efforts are blocked at every turn. After a shocking glimpse into her husband’s past, Kathryn uncovers a hidden truth. What she wouldn’t give to turn back time and be able to love her husband for the man that he was, not for the man she always wanted him to be.

Larson Jennings has spent his entire life running from a broken past, unable to trust, reluctant to try again. One fateful night, his life takes an unexpected twist, and soon he is forced to make a choice. Whatever he chooses, his decision may cost him his life.

Amanda’s Review:

I loved this novel. It caught me in so that I was up until almost 1am reading. What if you had the chance to fall in love with your spouse all over again? In Rekindled, Tamera Alexander has shown just that, but in a way you wouldn’t expect. In the process two lives deal with past hurts, misunderstandings and failures, in order to bring a marriage back to wholeness.

I appreciated the way Tamera dealt with marriage relationships and the trust that needs to exist between husband and wife. But, the message came through so gently amidst a moving romance. She also showed how God can use tragedy to bring us closer to Him and to those involved in our lives.

Rekindled is heartily recommended to those who love a great historical romance, with a gentle heart-warming story line.

About the Author:

Tamera Alexander is a bestselling novelist whose works have been awarded and nominated for numerous honors, including the Christy Award, the RITA Award, and the Carol Award. After seventeen years in Colorado, Tamera and her husband have returned to their native South and live in Nashville, Tennessee, where they enjoy spending time with their two grown children, and a ten pound silky terrier named Jack.

Amanda Deed – Black Forest Redemption

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about myself today. This week my newest novel, Black Forest Redemption, has been released, so I wanted to celebrate that on my blog. This novel is the second in my Jacksons Creek series, following on from Ellenvale Gold, and yet it can be read as a stand alone. I’m very excited, can you tell?

So, to celebrate, I want to give away a copy to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment and answer one of the questions below. But first, here’s a little about the book …

From  the Back Cover:

A man resigned to a life without fulfilment or purpose. A woman desperate for adventure.

Set against the tumultuous times of the Eureka uprising in Ballaarat, 1854, the two find themselves victims of an abduction. To escape could mean death. To hope for rescue is not an option.

Together they must find a way to survive in an untamed land where bushrangers, dense forest and wild animals are only some of the dangers they must face. Can he find the courage to succeed? Can she realise her dreams of freedom? Will the ordeal forge a bond of love between them, or drive them apart? And above all, will they find their way home?

Win a copy:

Just leave a comment with the answer to one of these questions. The winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday 9th October, and announced on my blog on Wednesday 10th October. Anyone can enter, however, for overseas entrants, the winning copy will be a Kindle version. Australian residents have a choice between e-book and print copy. Don’t forget to add your email address, so I can contact you if you win.

  1. If you’ve read Ellenvale Gold, what did Rupert Foxworth do with the gold nugget he found on Ellenvale Station?
  2. If you haven’t read Ellenvale Gold, what intrigues you most about life in the 1800s?

Siri Mitchell – The Messenger

From the Back Cover:

A Riveting Tale of Faith and Romance by an Acclaimed Novelist.

Hannah Sunderland felt content in her embrace of the Quaker faith

…until her twin brother ran off and joined the army and ended up captured and in jail. Suddenly Hannah’s world turns on end. She longs to bring her brother some measure of comfort in the squalid, frigid prison where he remains. But the Quakers believe they are not to take sides, not to take up arms. Can she sit by and do nothing while he suffers?

Jeremiah Jones has an enormous task before him. Responsibility for a spy ring is now his, and he desperately needs access to the men in prison, whom they are seeking to free. A possible solution is to garner a pass for Hannah. But while she is fine to the eye, she holds only disdain for him–and agreeing would mean disobeying those she loves and abandoning a bedrock of her faith.

With skill and sensitivity, Mitchell tells a story of two unlikely heroes seeking God’s voice, finding the courage to act, and discovering the powerful embrace of love.

Amanda’s Review:

One thing I love about reading historicals is the inside view you get of what it might have been like at certain times and/or events in history. The Messenger was great in that respect. Set during America’s Revolutionary War, with a Quaker for a heroine and an embittered and damaged, ex-soldier for a hero, I was intrigued from the start. How would Siri Mitchell bring two characters, who were poles apart in beliefs and nature, together by the end? How do you get a Quaker to not only become involved in the war goings-on, but act as a spy as well?

For the answers to these questions, you will have to read The Messenger yourself. What seems impossible, slowly becomes possible as the story progresses, written with a deft hand. It will suffice to say that I loved every minute of this book and found it hard to put down. If you love historical romance, you will love it too.

About the Author:

Siri Mitchell, author of She Walks in Beauty and A Heart Most Worthy, has written nine novels, two of which were named Christy Award finalists. A graduate from the University of Washington with a business degree, she has worked in many levels of government and lived on three continents. She and her family currently reside in the DC Metro Area.

For more information, go to www.sirimitchell.com