Jennifer Genat – The Old House at Mount Munecarthur

TheOldHouseAtMountMunecarthurFrom the Back Cover:

It is 1955, and deep in the Australian bush, an old stone house stands lost in a haze of yellow wattle blossom, unseen by a human being for more than thirty years. That is, until a lonely young girl comes upon it and begins to dream…

At age sixteen, Alison is mature and independent beyond her years, having survived the death of her mother, then her father. Leading a solitary life, with stepparents who barely notice her except as a household drudge, she relies on her own determination and inner strength rooted in her faith. But this faith is even further tested when, returning home late one evening, Alison overhears talk not meant for her ears — her stepmother confessing her open resentment, dislike, and sinister intentions towards her.

Coping with this looming threat, Alison becomes even more intent on solving the mystery of the sleeping house in the bush. She hovers between elation and fear, not knowing who to turn to until her childhood friend, Wes, returns. Even so, Alison’s troubles are by no means over. She must face desperate danger before she is finally able to lay down a burden she has carried for years. Timeless, multi-stranded, romantic, and brimming with suspense, The Old House at Mount Munecarthur takes readers on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Amanda’s Review:

I’m so glad that I — along with a fellow writer who happened to be with me at the time — found this novel on the shelf in my local Christian bookstore. It is not so easy to find in general, unless you’re looking online, but it is a gem.

Written in omniscient point of view, The Old House at Mount Munecarthur took me a little getting used to, as most of what I read these days is in deep third person. But once I adjusted, I became engrossed. This novel had all the elements that I love — Australiana, adventure, mystery and suspense. Romance was only hinted at really and I suppose could have been developed more, but I loved it anyway. There were enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages to the end.

Congratulations to Jennifer Genat on a wonderful debut novel.

About the Author:

IMGP0455I am proud to be a vintage model of the 1950s, born in “the bush” and growing up amidst the relics of the Central Victorian gold rush. My schooling—including two years with the Correspondence School—was undertaken at a small town Higher Elementary School, from which I went to Teachers College in Melbourne.
I taught at two country High Schools, in arts and crafts, over a period of ten years, before going to the Bible College of Victoria.

Peter and I married in 1985, had four children fairly quickly, and I never went back to teaching. Instead, when our children’s progress allowed me a little “me” time, I entered the world of second-hand books—buying, repairing, cataloguing and selling by mail order, an absorbing hobby which resulted in a house full of books.

I thought I had at last discovered my real vocational passion. But, no one was more surprised than me when after being persuaded to try the computer for putting together my book catalogues, I promptly wrote a book! And then another, and another… I love it!