Four Authors. One Novel.

Left to right: Rose, Meredith, Paula, Amanda

Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting together with other writers from all over Australia and New Zealand as well for The Word Writers Getaway — a Christian writers conference. We spent time learning, getting to know each other in fellowship, discovering one another’s books and a few new books were launched. One of those was a collaborative novel I have been involved with — The Greenfield Legacy — by Meredith Resce, Rose Dee, Paula Vince and myself.

The whole experience of writing a novel with three other authors was a new and thrilling one. And even better, to see the finished product at the Getaway along with the other three women. Together, we had a blast in pre-release promotion — filming interviews, signing books and answering questions in a special plenary session where we sat on the stage as a panel.

This novel is not due to be officially released for another two weeks yet, but we are proud of what we have accomplished and there is a real buzz of anticipation towards its release. Through contacts that Meredith has, we are also proud to show our new book trailer.

For more information about The Greenfield Legacy, go to Light the Dark or Amazon.

Mellington Hall by Meredith Resce

From the Back Cover:
When Sarah Montgomery finds a man lying half dead in the snow, she doesn’t stop to think of the consequences of trying to save his life.
But being a Good Samaritan yields nothing but trouble. In her parents’ absence, she struggles against a deadly fever and a vicious snow-storm, doing her best to save the life of a stranger. But when her self-righteous neighbours eventually come to see how she fared during the storm, they draw a very different conclusion. Before she knows it, her reputation is in tatters, and she has been cast out of the church and her home. Alone and destitute, Sarah is determined to seek work as a servant from the man whose life she has saved.
But all is not well for the master of Mellington Hall. Someone wants Lord Alan Mellington dead, and he doesn’t know who or why.
The only person he seems to be able to trust is the gamekeeper’s daughter, Sarah Montgomery, who has intervened to save his life not once but twice. This story blending mystery, scandal, murder and romance comes from one of Australia’s best-loved authors, Meredith Resce.
Amanda’s Review:
The first thing that drew me to this novel, apart from the fact that it is written by Meredith Resce, was the cover. This has to be my favourite cover of the books I have read this year. It just evokes that sense of murder-mystery and romance.
The story inside didn’t disappoint either. Set in a time when some of “the church” operated in condemnation rather than grace, Sarah Montgomery’s reputation is torn to shreds, because of a conclusion drawn in a moments notice, without anyone truly seeking the truth. Sarah has a strong character however and fights to get her repuation righted again, seeking the aid of Lord Mellington.
The road to restoration is not as smooth as hoped, with several attempts on Lord Mellington’s life by an unknown person. In solving the mystery and fixing Sarah’s reputation, the two have a lot on their plate, and the story twisted with a surprise near the end. Who is the would-be murderer? A great read for those who like a bit more action with their romance.
About the Author:

South Australian author, Meredith Resce, has been writing since 1991, and has had books in the Australian market since 1997.
Following the Australian success of her Heart of Green Valley series, an English publisher has taken the first three books in this series, and has released them to the Brittish and American markets. You can watch the promotional video for the first book in the series, The Manse – Meredth Resce, here.
Mellington Hall is her 14th novel published.
Apart from writing, Meredith also takes the opportunity to speak to groups on issues relevant to relationships and emotional and spiritual growth.
Meredith has also been co-writer and co-producer in the 2007 feature film production, Twin Rivers.
With her husband, Nick, Meredith has worked in the ministry since 1983. Meredith and Nick have one daughter and two sons.
For more information, click here.

A Day to Remember

I’ve mentioned all of the blunderings of my trip to Brisbane (see Blunder Road post). Now for the good bits.

The reason we went to Brisbane was to attend the Word Writers Fair–a day of books and learning more on how to write them. There was lots of information to be gleaned from people who have been writing for many years. I took plenty of notes and stored a lot of helpful tips in my head. Hopefully, I came away better equipped in my own writing.

The thing that stood out for me most this time, besides the awesome people I met, was the reminder that Jesus taught in parables–fictional stories that made a spiritual point. It was great to receive that encouragement once again–that fiction has an important place in the world, to draw people to Christ.

After an informative day, we had the pleasure of attending the Omega Writers CALEB Prize award ceremony/dinner, where I was amazed to find my book, The Game, had won the prize for fiction. Needless to say, I felt slightly overwhelmed, but incredibly honoured to have been awarded this prize. 


The other finalists for the fiction prize are wonderful writers, and I salute them. They are, left to right: Paula Vince, Mary Hawkins, and Meredith Resce. (That’s me on the right.) These women are an inspiration to me and I have and will continue to learn from them.

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