Photo-A-Day: Stairs

The only stairs I came across today were the stairs leading up to the Sunday School rooms at church where I was working today. The walls on these stairs are quite inviting for children, though. On one side are photos of various children with their happy smiles on, while the other side is decorated with colourful, three-dimensional¬†art. I’m sure a little princess would love to reach out and touch those butterflies, and a little man would wish he could drive the racing car. Our children’s ministry workers have done a wonderful job with this otherwise very plain staircase.

But, I confess, today I am dreaming about another set of stairs — the kind that come with a new house. Yes, we are dreaming about moving into the hills amidst the gum trees and ferns, a place we have always yearned to live. The fact that it might even be possible has made us feel rather excited. So today I have stars … er …¬†stairs in my eyes — pardon the pun.

Now, stair-dreaming makes me think of Jacob. He fell asleep on the ground and dreamed of a stairway going up to heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it. From the top of the stairway, the Lord spoke to him and gave him a promise. “I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying.” [Genesis 28:10-15]

Hmm … I wonder if I can take that promise for my own stair dream …

Do you have a stair dream?

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