Photo-A-Day: Bottle

I went to a wedding today. I love weddings. I could have easily blogged about a wedding. And it was a wonderful wedding too. But there were no bottles in sight. Not one.

So, this post is inspired by an idea I got when reading a friend’s blog a couple of days ago. She asked me about a souvenir. It made me think of my favourite keepsake of my favourite place — central Australia.

In 1995 I toured Australia with a worship band. I already knew I loved the ‘red centre,’ having already been there in 1983 with my family, and again in 1987 for a school camp, so I determined this time to collect some of that amazing soil and keep it in a bottle.

That was over fifteen years ago, and I still have it. I love the depth of colour in this sand from the centre of our beautiful country. It is colour that glows red in the sunset (much like that picture of Uluru at the top of my background design), in stark contrast to the blue sky and ghostly white of the gum trees. I could stare at that kind of scenery all day. Especially if I were sitting at the top of Kings Canyon — my absolute favourite place on earth.

If you could be in any place on earth, where would you choose?

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