Fire in the Rock

From the back cover:
At the turn of the twentieth century, Australia, in a spirit of growing independence shrugs off many of its ties with the “Old Country”. Some class distinctions linger, boundaries between men and women are still clearly defined and social conventions strict, but with common decency and good manners valued highly, people act kindly toward each other.
In this setting a well-meant deception finds a young woman involved in a desperate search to unearth crucial information, for the truth – preserved by its wary keepers – lies buried deep in the opal fields on the fringe of the vast and thirsty Outback.
Realising her future depends on the choice between two rivals of diverse faiths, she hesitates in the belief that those she cares for most always seem to be taken from her. But when it finally appears she has lost everything, she discovers that true love, like faith, does not depend on feelings alone.
Amanda’s Review:
Fire in the Rock is a wonderful story set in the early 1900s, ranging from Sydney to the outback opal mining communities.
Rita kept me guessing till the end with new surprises around each bend, but left me satisfied that all was as it should be. It was wonderful to read the life journey of her leading lady, Opalena, as she discovered a personal God and learned what true love is. Rita also explored how important identity is to a child living with an adoptive family.
If you love historical romance, Fire in the Rock will keep you entertained for hours.
About the author:

As a co-speaker for the program, Communication, affiliated with United Christian Broadcasters, Rita also has a passion for writing historical romance novels. A graduate of Emmaus Bible College, she retains membership in American Christian Fiction Writers.
Earlier in marriage, besides their Good News Festivals, she and her husband George worked as associate evangelists with Billy Graham and Luis Palau. A prolific songwriter, she has produced several CDs. With an occasional appearance on Christian television, they regularly take dinners and coffee mornings where they give music and art presentations. Residents of Sydney, they minister a month each year in Thailand, working in Buddhist schools, hospitals, prisons, orphanages and churches.
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