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8th June, 1951

Education is an important part of life for our children. But imagine how hard it is for families who live on outback stations which can span thousands of square kilometres. It might be over one hundred kilometres to their nearest neighbour or town.

This isolation was first addressed by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, bringing medical attention to those in need via radio and aeroplane. In 1944 a council member of the RFDS, Adelaide Miethke, saw the need for children in those far away places to receive an education. And so the idea for School of the Air was born.

It took six years to put the equipment in place and a further year of testing before, on the 8th June, 1951, the School of the Air in Alice Springs was officially opened. Children could finally receive schooling lessons via two-way radio and communicate with their teachers.

The Alice Springs School of the Air still currently services approximately 130 students every year, covering a total area of over 1,000,000 square kilometres, although they are now able to use computers as well.

What a wonderful initiative Adelaide Miethke started. It only took one person who saw a need and did something about it.

If you lived in a remote area, what would you want your children to learn most of all?

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