How many stars???

I have decided I don’t like the star reviewing system. There, I said it.

Image by Cecile Graat

For one, it is totally subjective. It is based not only on my opinion of what good writing is, but also on my taste of what a good book is. Therefore, a book that I totally love to bits, might be thrown across the room by someone else because they are bored with it.

And then there is another problem I have found. I don’t even trust my own star reviewing system, so why should anyone else take any notice? I’ll tell you why. I read a bunch of books, some I really love, some I shrug my shoulders at, and occasionally I put one down. I give them a number of stars accordingly to their likeability in my eyes.

However, then I read a book that blows me out of the water, steals my heart and tramples on it a bit, before putting it back in to live another day. This book should clearly be a five-star! But now does that mean I need to go back over all the other books I’ve read and lower their rating? Then people would be clear that I like this book above all others … until I find another which takes its place.

So, I’ve decided I don’t like giving stars, at all. I think if I can get away with it, I will not use them. Unfortunately, some sites require them to post a review. I suppose I will just read reviews with a suspicious eye from now on, and base my choices on the back cover blurb, not on someone else’s opinion.

What are your thoughts on reviews and giving stars?