Photo-A-Day: Inside Your Wallet

People keep all sorts of things inside their purses and wallets, but I don’t think I really have anything out of the ordinary. I have receipts, a few coins, frequent shoppers’ cards, credit cards, ID cards of various kinds, membership cards and a few business cards. Nothing to really write home about, indeed nothing stellar to even blog about.

But, they are all, or mostly anyway, necessary. If I was caught without my driver’s licenceĀ for instance, that could mean a fine. If I did not carry my credit/debit card, I would not be able to bring my purchases home. If I did not keep my frequent shopper cards on me, I might miss out on a bargain. Without my business cards, it would be more difficult to leave my contact details with a prospective client.

One thing I do carry, which is for my own benefit alone and not really necessary for daily living, but which I would not go without, is my family photos. I love to look at their faces staring back from pride of place in the window slot usually reserved for a licence (I tuck that unattractive card somewhere else). Of course they do come in handy when I meet a new friend and we want to share our family stories. But even without that, I love to know that I have them with me wherever I go.

What treasures do you keep in your purse or wallet?

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