The Game

 Winner of the 2010 CALEB Prize for Fiction

Her heart was not a play thing…

Mr Jonathon Fordham, the most eligible bachelor in Sydney and heir to a noble title in England, treats matters of the heart like a game. Living in the newly forged Australian Colony in 1844, Jack Fordham buries his past beneath an indifferent facade. In spite of his rakish reputation, Jack’s dashing smile and suave flattery would melt any woman’s heart. Any that is, it seems, except for Miss Margaret Wingrove.

The beautiful governess is strangely unmoved by the nonpareil’s many attractions, nor his beguiling charm. When Meg does not fall into his arms as he presumes she will, his game of pursuit begins in earnest.

As Meg continues to resist his advances, Jack’s determination to win her intensifies.  But can he risk exposing his true heart to find the love he desires before his game unravels? And can he embrace, or will he simply deny the obstacle which stands between them…her faith?


The Game is an excellent story. It is a well written and captivating story that held my interest right from the start. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

Meredith Resce, author of the Heart of Green Valley series.

“Amanda Deed’s work is an inspired vision of the great redeeming story that crosses generations, personality types and social milieus as the paramount, unforgettable experience of a lifetime.”

Wendy M McNeice, author of Redemption Coming series.

“…it caught my eye instantly with the promise of romance and the tussle of love verses faith. I was hooked before I even opened the front cover…Like me she believes in happy endings, but the twists and turns she will take you on to get to the ending are nothing short of amazing.”

Dorothy Adamek, Ink Dots. (Click for full review/interview)

“This has to be one of the most charming historical romances I have read in many years.”

Chrissy Siggee, The Cypress Times (Click for full review)

“I sprinted through The Game by Amanda Deed in less than a day. I couldn’t put it down!”

Review by Omega Writers. (Click for full review)

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