A Wordy Gift (Part 3)

Yet another lovely present from one of my nearest and dearest. This has a lot of hidden meaning that many of you will not fully understand, unless you were eavesdropping on some of our conversations. 🙂 But it is worth a read anyway.

The Voyage of the Dreamy Susan

 On the whimsical winds

Unfettered and free

She sails on the wing

Of the sky and the sea


Through oceans of time

And life’s uncharted sea

To lands only imagined

She dares to journey


From sheltered bays of creamy sand

And sparkling topaz waters

To dangers and pirates

And rollicking adventures


And who should it be at the helm?

But the one

Who appears like the dawn

Who is brighter than the sun


A captain of mystery

Strength and renown

Both piercing as sword

And gentle as down


And what shall we say

Of her infamous crew?

Of the pink and the black

And the purple and blue


Peppered Spinkler she stands

With eyes all aflame

For her visions of splendour

And lands without name


Superwoman and hero

A courageous team

There’s none can compare

With PS and DB


Through what intrigues will she lead us?

What Games shall we find?

Shall we savour scarlet flowers

Or GH and her kind?


What gold to discover?

A love Stronger than all?

Shall we mount stairs to Nowhere

Or dwell in Bethel?


Whatever the challenge

Reck not! Let’s away!

Heed no hesitation

“To the Dreamy Susan I say!”




Dedicated to my dear PS

By Brice F. Sword 

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