The week that was: 17th March, 2012.

Peopled out! That’s what I call it when I’ve been around crowds for too long. And now I have to battle my reflex to say “shhh” to anyone who speaks to me. I would dearly love to turn to the nearest chatterbox and say (in the words of 7 of 9 – of Voyager fame) “this conversation is irrelevant”. But, a couple of hours on my own and I’ll be back to normal.

Our church hosted a statewide conference this week, and it was my job to run the registration/information/book sales desk. Oh, I can do it well enough. I can smile and greet and shake hands and hold pleasant conversations, and banter words about a bit. I can even enjoy it. But it is, to put it plainly: EX.HAUST.ING! I am much more comfortable on my own in front of a computer or book.

So tired have I been, that all writing activity was shelved for the week, besides a couple of blogs. I did not rise for my 5am appointment with my laptop. Not since Tuesday. Thankfully, One Direction has been replaced in my head by the various songs played at the conference. Ah, yes, I much prefer worship coursing through my background noise!

And while I have been MIA on the home front, assimilation has become complete. My kids are even playing Star Trek Voyager games. My daughter does not make cute little animals with the plasticine, no, it is all Borg! Thankfully they only have one series left to watch. But, then what? Will I be dealing with Star Trek withdrawal symptoms? How will they cope with being severed from the collective? Will they cry for assimilation? God help me!

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  1. I know what you’re talking about!! Maybe you have introvert tendencies. I read an interesting book about the main differences between extroverts and introverts. Their batteries are charged differently. Introverts need lots of quiet time alone after stimulation while extroverts need to keep rubbing shoulders with people. It’s all very interesting.

    • Yes, I’ve read about that too, Paula. My hubby is the opposite. So, it goes like this: He seems a bit flat, I tell him he needs to go out and be around people, so I drag him along somewhere – after a while I’m tired, had enough of people, but he is buzzing – think I can get him to come home again???? LOL.

  2. I think after reading what Paula said, and what you shared Amanda, I must have a heavy dose of ‘introvert’. I am often ‘peopled out’ after a few minutes on Facebook, and I’ve learned to recognise the signs and walk away. I could be happy with my own company for ages before I started to look for others. Thankfully, God’s put me in a family where I have to rely on Him to serve and connect on a deep level. All part of His plan to shape me, I guess. 🙂

    • I think it must be a heavy dose indeed!!! I don’t really get peopled-out on FB. I can stand in the background and observe happily without exhausting myself. 🙂 Family can be a challenge for an introvert. I have two people oriented children, who don’t seem to understand that sometimes I would just like some peace and quiet. 🙂 But that’s how we get stretched and learn patience, eh?!

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