Phillip Cook – Dead Man’s Journey

From the Back Cover:

Cover SmallerAt death your escorts are either angels or demons.

Aaron Fitzpatrick doesn’t know what happens when you die. Others have told him but he’s not sure if he believes them. Now his belief system is challenged as his dad goes missing during his daily run and is found, dead, twenty kilometres away from home—and missing a finger. Aaron’s investigation leads him to suspect a link between his father’s death and the mysterious ‘vanishings’ of homeless men.

Mackenzie Gordon is Aaron’s childhood best friend. She knows what happens when you die. She’s a Christian. He isn’t. But then she vanishes and Aaron is drawn into the mystery. And as Aaron investigates her disappearance, his beliefs about life and death, angels and demons, and God, are all challenged.

Amanda’s Review:

I love the idea in this novel: to inconvenience lawbreakers by transporting them to another place for a while. But the technology for this ‘transport’ is not perfect and problems begin to form. Serious problems, including the death of a few individuals. This concept and the troubles that arise give the opportunity for glimpses into the spiritual realm.

What happens in the unseen? Where do souls go when they depart their bodies? What does death mean? These kind of questions are addressed in Dead Man’s Journey. I found this novel an intriguing read and the variety of characterisation was great.

If you like supernatural or futuristic stories, coupled with some mystery, you will enjoy this novel. Congrats to Phillip Cook on a great debut novel. Available only on Kindle at:

Thanks to the author for a free review copy.

About the Author:

PCHeadShotThere always seemed to be a desire in me to find the truth about this strange place I found myself born into. I was way off track for a long time and encountered a number of battles—they were sad and bewildering times. I always had an interest in the supernatural and ventured into this world for a while before finding the truth. My writings always move towards the supernatural but from a Christian perspective and with a desire for others to find the truth.  Phillip lives in Queensland with his wife and family.

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  1. I agree with your feelings about this book. Good to come across another Aussie.

    • Yes, I always like reading new Aussie authors. 🙂

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Looking forward to a sequel.

    • Hi Anne. thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’m looking forward to a sequel too. 🙂

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